Why I started a Youtube Channel...

YUP, I finally did it…

So before anyone says anything.. trust me I’ve heard it all. People have been telling me all my life to start a YouTube channel and I would always say no. I would literally swear on my life that I would never be “ THAT” girl. People assume that just because I have my phone up to my face or my laptop on video mode every chance I got, meant that being a YouTuber was for me, but were they wrong?? I have come to realize that documenting the things I do and the way I feel has just been something I have grown up with, but the way I have projected these things have varied over the years. This post is going to tell you guys all about Why I finally started my channel and what this means for the future. Let’s hop right in..

Okay so youtube… I always thought there was a type of person that could be a YouTuber or would be successful at it. It was always the girls that looked like Bethany mota, Sierra Furtado, Mylifeaseva and many more others, were the types of girls that I thought belonged on youtube.. not me. It wasn’t like I was scared or anything it was more of an “ I don’t think I’ll belong” type of feeling. I’m not saying I still don’t feel that way but recently there have been a lot of people pushing me to do more than just a blog and that has had me thinking and even praying about it for such a long time.

Another thing that I felt pushing me towards youtube was my love for editing. Editing a video is so much fun. Trust me, I could do it for hours and not notice how much time has past. The one thing that scared me about that was the fact that it might start to feel like a chore if I made a channel and that was something I didn’t want to happen.

Before starting my channel, I really wanted to establish mentally that I was going into youtube for all the right reasons. Some people go into youtube because there is so much money you can make from there, and some go in because it’s fun and why not? I’m in the “its fun” mentality because what’s the point about stressing yourself about making money when it’s really only a handful of people that become popular. Don’t get me wrong making money is cool, but sharing life experiences and having fun is also something I want to cherish and hopefully share with the world.

I plan to make mukbangs, lookbooks, storytimes, hauls, challenges, and MANY MORE different and creative types of videos. This doesn’t mean I am going to completely give up on this blog, but as my passions shift I will probably come here to tell you guys more about my feelings and deeper posts like that.

Thank you to everyone who has been following me since I started this blog, I really am extremely grateful and I hope you come along with me as I venture out into a different media world.