17. Half Of 34. A quarter to 68.

If I could double my life right now, I’d most definitely be working a full time job, with 3 little kids by my side, hopefully living and married to someone I love and still inspiring others as the years fly past. If you know me, my birthday is a big deal to me. It is a whole additional year that I have been blessed with. Birthdays are a time to think about all the years you have lived and have gotten the chance to experience, and to be grateful that you have another opportunity to grow and learn. Not everyone makes it to 17, that’s a fact, so if you make it why not appreciate it, yunno?

Being 16 has taught me a lot. I have gotten over things I never ever thought I’d be able to get over and done things I never thought I would be able to do. All together I have made a list of 16 things being 16 has taught me. Each of these statements speak for themselves so I am not going to go into big details on each of them, but I hope you all learn something!!


Life is not a race, everyone goes at their own pace. It’s not about who is accomplishing more than you right now, everyone has their time and it’s important we wait to see when that time for us will be.


We don’t have enough time to dream and not take action

Having a relationship with your parents Is so important!

Having a big group of friends is nothing compared to having 2 or 3 people you trust with your life

There will always someone who doesn’t like you and that’s okay

Don’t be vulnerable with everyone

Trust God over anything

Even though It may not seem like it, your mother really does know what is best for you and only wants to see you succeed

Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of ruining a relationship with a good person


When fear tries to stop you from taking a leap of faith, don’t let it

Think before you speak, words hurt more than anything physical

Don’t compare yourself to others

Always trust God’s timing

All things work together for our good

Hope you guys learnt something!!

xoxo Sj