SO guess who’s back?? I took a break from blogging just because I was really focused on getting this event to work and boy was it hard to turn my dream to a reality but i’d say it went well! Before I get into all the feelings and thoughts that ran through my mind while I was planning and running this event, I really want to thank everyone again for supporting me through this whole thing. This event has taught me A LOT, it taught me who a lot of my real friends were, and showed me the right people who pushed me towards my dreams even when it sounded so small in the beginning. This blog post will consist of three parts, how I felt before, how I felt during the event and finally how I felt after. Let’s get into it…



I was so driven to plan this event. I was talking about it almost everyday, researching all the venues and speakers and it was like I was breathing misconception literally. Planning it wasn’t easy, let me tell you.. I had multiple breakdowns at school when I would find out a speaker wanted to drop out, or a dance crew had other plans, but I had peace. The two things that got me through planning was an overload of peace and passion. If I wasn’t passionate about the event I was putting on and the reason I wanted to plan it in the first place, it definitely wouldn’t have happened. I probably would’ve quit sometime back in December and left it as an idea that blossomed in my mind. A month before the event happened, I got an overwhelming sense of fear that it wouldn’t pull through that I almost had the whole thing cancelled but with the encouragement of my Dad and my friends I kept on going.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 5.28.54 PM.png


During the event, I don’t think I could’ve ever been happier. I had a lot of nerves the day of the event because all eyes were on me and I had a lot of wow Stella i’m so proud of you moments and I didn’t want it to sink in my head that I was really doing what I was doing in that moment. I really enjoyed seeing my family and best-friends come out to support me and the day was honestly better than I ever imagined. I had a mentality not to keep my hopes up incase it all failed, but on the day of misconception, everything went off the charts. It was like I was in my own world the whole time and I loved every second of it.



After the event was over and I finally said the words, “ thank you so much for coming and that’s it!” It was like a flow of adrenaline flew out through my body and a sense of peace just came down on me. I thought to myself, YOU DID THAT, YOU HAD A DREAM AND YOU DID IT AND IT WORKED. It was the best feeling ever like I don’t think there are words to describe how I honestly felt in that moment. I thought it honestly be selfish to feel that way but I had to realize its okay to be proud of myself for something I have accomplished and that doesn’t mean i’m not “humble”.


Moving forward I just wan’t to make sure my work doesn’t stop here, the planning for Misconception 2020 is already in the works and hopefully my social media platform will be up soon!!

Love you guys so much.

xoxo Sj