As you all know I love finding new and upcoming creatives and reading all about what they do and who they are. I was recently reading Teen Vogues 2018’s 21 under 21 and saw this upcoming designer making clothing for women of colour based out of the 16th century spanish renaissance era. I don’t know about you but I could not stop raving about how creative that was. She realized there was not enough representation of women of colour in the painting of royals and decided to take that and bring it into modern day fashion!

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Temi Adeola, also known as Tia, is a rising designer who was initially based in Lagos, Nigeria. In an Interview I recently watched about her NYFW debut with Nylon magazine, Tia explained how moving to New York truly inspired her to become more bold with her outfits and to take them to the next level. She wants to be able to create a look that would immediately allow girls to feel extra BOLD and CONFIDENT. Tia also added the sheer look to celebrate the female body, and the ruffles ( her signature look), to embellish the feminine look.

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Some looks from her SS18 collection..

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Celebrities like SZA, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid have also fallen in love with her collection and continue to support her…

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Hope you all enjoyed today’s post.

Xoxo SJ