Here I am again with an abundance of thoughts and lo and behold, I’m surprisingly typing them all out to this little outlet I call my safe haven. I call this platform my safe haven because I truly can jump onto my computer and write out my feelings like I never have dreamed of saying out loud to someone sitting right next to me. To all those who know me may read that and think It’s a complete lie, but trust me. This Blog is made for me to be Me, and If i’m not myself here, where else would I be. In society where my parents are expecting me to be one thing, and friends are expecting me to be another, without something to myself ( and JESUS), my life would be in absolute shambles as of now.


I keep on pondering the different routes I want to take this blog. Do I want to keep it extremely professional and just post about fashion related topics, or do i want to branch out and create different sections so that my voice is heard in the various ways I decide it should be heard. Judging by the fact that I am a 16 year old confused child, I’ll probably go with my inner gut when the time is right. For now be prepared to hear everything because this is my brain, this is my safe haven. If I can come here and feel safe, that’s all that matters to me. When life is throwing rocks at me to crumble into a being I refuse to be, I will find my confidence back here and I promise you guys that.


I know I Know I talk and apologize about being inconsistent here, but do you guys wanna know the truth? I honestly get an overflow of ideas to the point where I am stuck. I see so many influencers on instagram on a daily basis that sometimes It’s hard to hear my true calling from God and my true purpose. Some things are clear, but others get pushed to the back of my mind like dust in a filled closet. With all that said, I am promising you guys more content this year, and if I don’t? maybe this is the year I will truly be set on the path of what I want to do and who knows where that will take me. For now, my goal is to stay true to who I am, and press in to the person God has called me to be. I love you all.

xoxo Sj