Okay if you know me you know that I LOVE fall, like I’m OBSESSED. Fall is just the perfect weather, it’s not hot and It’s not super cold. For people like me who live in Vancouver, it mainly means theres a lot of rain but I don’t even go out that much so thats’ not that bad. When i do go out, it’s finally time for me to layer and experiment with different pieces and to me that is what fashion is all about. So in this post get ready to read all about the latest and most crucial trends for this season. xoxo



Layering is for sure an absolute MUST when it coms to fall. When it is in the summer months, we try to wear as little as possible, on the contrary, fall is about wearing as much as you can to keep you warm, while looking cute as well. With layering you can layer sweaters, jackets, scarves, jewelry, and many more. Layering is honestly up to you, there is no “ fancy” way to layer. Below are some of the best examples from fashion inspirations all over instagram and google who take it to a more creative level whiles still staying cozy and warm.




Now this is the trend I have been wanting to hop on for the past few months. Statement belts. The two that You have probably seen a lot on social media, are probably the Gucci or off-white statement belt. If you go for a more simpler belt like the Gucci belt it gives your outfit more of a minimalistic, girly but bold view. It doesn’t even have to be Gucci, as long as it is a belt with a bigger statement piece to display it works! On the other hand if you wear a belt like the off-white belt you gain a more creative, extravagant, fashionable look because it is not any other belt looking at the length and many more other factors. I definitely want to invest in a belt like one of these and you should too to spice it up this season.




This is honestly a crucial must have for this season for sure! Not only does these keep you insanely warm, you can pair one of these with just about anything.You could dress up any lazy outfit just by putting on a cute coat and you are good to go. I love to wear hoodies and sweats at home and honestly when I want to leave my house I just put on my long fur jacket and people think i tried! So this trend is for all you lazy ones who still wanna look fashionable.. I got youu :)




The puffer jacket. This jacket was really big last year and I’m really hoping it’s going to come back this season. WHETHER it comes back OR NOT I still say its one of the cutest essentials to have for fall. It instantly adds a street effect to your outfit even when you don’t intend it. It can be dressed up or down, just like the previous coat trend. I will be definitely on the look out for one of these jackets this season and I recommend you do too!




PATENT LEATHER. This is a trend that is currently uprising this season and it’s honestly everywhere. When you walk into designer stores, basic stores in the mall or even thrift stores, you will see something to do with patent leather. It could be pants, shoes, clothes they have it. It brings a really edgy vibe and make you look more expensive and more elegant that you even intended to be. I for sure will be trying to find some patent boots for the season!!


Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post !! if any of these trends were interesting and you decided to buy any of these, be sure to message me on any of my social medias or send me an email :)

xoxo Sj