This post is more of a laid back, me talking kinda post. I don't want this blog to just consist of pictures but I want it to be a platform where I can speak and share my experiences throughout my life as I continue to grow into the woman I aspire to be in my society.


Being a Black Teen Blogger in 2018. This is quite the title i've taken up on myself. It's changed my life in so many ways that I wish I could explain, especially the blogging factor. Blogging to me, if you haven't heard my story is my escape. It's my way of showing the world who I am without being fearful. I'm not saying I'm the most confident person in the world, because of course I get nervous about posting content, and of course I get a bit scared that I'll be judged but honestly when I think to the brighter side and think about God, and my family, and the people who support me theres nothing I can't do. 


So, you might think what is it actually like to be a blogger at my age. It's not anything special. I'm basically just a normal black girl who loves fashion so posts about it. Do I get made fun of? A little bit but it's really not that drastic. There will be little comments here and there like " ooo its Stella the blogger", and of course it hurts me but then I look at them and realize they aren't doing anything beneficial with their life so I honestly move on. I love knowing that "hey, at least i'm putting myself out there for the things I love instead of trying to put others down."


My advice to you if you is that if you believe you have a gift and you are scared to shine girl/guy go for it, cause no one does you than you do you and I really mean that. I hope you enjoyed this post and took some inspiration from it

xoxo Sj