Yup it's true ya girl just turned sixteen!! I have learnt so much in my life after these past few years of living and I know that I still have so much to learn as well. Life has treated me well. Even though some friendships and relationships have had be swamped up in stress, I haven't stopped smiling. Even though I had to work hard and just to become half as confident as the woman I am today, I'm still smiling. I want the age 16 to be my year of picking my path (in quality). If I'm going to be a fashion blogger, I need to find my path, find my aesthetic and stay true to it. Sorry if this is long but I am honestly just thankful I made it this far in life already wow. OH and props to you if you made it through.


Outfit details

Outfit 1 :

Tube top: dynamite

Mom jeans: Thrifted

Backpack: Thrifted

Shoes: Vans

Credits to my sister danielle :)

Outfit 2: I got all of these pieces so long ago sorry!



I love you all!! 

xoxo Sj