Self Love, Self Love, Self Love. 

Self Love is something that is very dear to my heart becuase it is something I have struggled with growing up. Yes, being black definitely contributed too. No matter how many times other "Women of colour" have said it, we have all experienced being put down for how we look ( our race ).



When I first moved to Canada in Grade 5. I typically wasn't a shy kid, but when you move from an all black continent to being the only other black girl in your grade it was very hard. I didn't know who to be or how to act. I was a minority. Loving myself was out of the question. How could I love myself when I felt like no one was like me or no one liked me. I saw myself as an outsider, someone who could never be loved. This lead to me being lonely till about grade 7. In grade 7 I definitely started to try to be someone I wasn't and I'm guessing it was pretty obvious because I got called by the term a " wanna be " a lot. I wanted to be someone I wasn't. It was hard to admit back then, but now i definitely see what everyone meant. I could go on and on about how that affected me in the most negative ways but let's talk about how that relates to self love.

When i finally realized. I am worth it and that I was worth love, things changed. God took my life and spun it into something beautiful becuase I was no longer worthless in my eyes. I started to be me and do me for me. I started to care less of what people thought of me and my personality started to bloom again. Loving myself to me is freedom from what I used to go through. I literally felt like when people see me, a dark skinned girl, the immediately thought I was ugly or different but, eventually things changed. Us, women of colour have started to find a confidence that is currently being seen as intimidating and I find it beautiful.


My advice to you,

you might look down on yourself, you might think no one likes you, you might hate every single thing that makes you you. But i'm here to tell you that you're beautiful. You have so much potential and talent that you might not even know yet. Once you start to accept who you are instead of hating it, I promise you life will be better and you'll definitely be happier, trust me. :)


xoxo Sj