It’s finally the end of the year, was it just me or was the first half of the year really slow, and suddenly flew past near the end? Maybe it’s just me.


SO Yes. I’m back, I need to stop starting every post by apologizing for not being active ( sorry tho! ). As you can see from the title, I am sharing the 8 things I truly learnt in 2018. I wouldn’t call this year a bad year because this year was definitely a year of life changing experiences and situations that broke me but also helped me grow into a stronger individual.

Before I get into the 10 things I learnt, I hope you guys take today to reflect on the year and think about what you can do better for next year, as cliche as it sounds. It’s so easy to say, “ I’m gonna cut out all the fakes”, and all these goals that aren’t necessarily going to happen overnight. Instead we should make goals that we can actually start now. We should make goals that we know are things we and work towards and improve ourselves with.

Okay i’m done. Let’s hop right in.

Don’t Be Materialistic

Okay so I learnt about this a lot this year when I went on a missions trip to Mexico. I was given the opportunity to go out and help kids and help them grow in their faith. By building a house for a family along with my team, and donating food and other supplies to them, we flew in with the idea that they will be the most impacted, but that wasn’t the case. I left that trip realizing how much we depend on money, and accumulating clothes, etc, to try and make us happy. I saw the little kids in Mexico who were beaming with joy because they had each other, they had their friends, and they didn’t need anything else and that was one of the biggest lessons I learnt this year. There's no point accumulating everything in the world, if in the end we aren’t happy.

Don’t depend on others for your own happiness

Okay this one is pretty simple. Sis. Bro. whoever is reading this. I cannot stress enough how important it is not to depend on others to make you happy. People WILL fail you. That’s honestly just how life goes. I have learnt to be happy and content with myself, because I have seen that people will leave and I’m not just going to let my happiness leave with them so, it’s important to be content with ourselves and who we are.


Someone will always not like you for no reason

This one I realized the hard way and it’s just a fact. SOMEONE WON’T LIKE YOU. Someone will always want what you have. They may envy you, want your intelligence, friends, they probably don’t even want to see you succeed, but going into 2019 I realized that it’s not worth stressing over these people. As long as your mind is on the right path and you are focused on your goals, You will be all good :)

When you are working on big things, work in secret

I learnt this after watching a sermon by one of my favourite pastors, Michael Tod, and he talked about how when you are called to success, you will be called in secret. You don’t have to share it to the whole world right away because remember, NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE YOU SUCCEED. I am someone who loves to share my plans and successes with everyone but this year I am taking a step back and working in silence and with a trusted group of people.

A word of encouragement to anyone goes a long way

This was for sure something big I learnt this year. When you see someone, say hi, tell them they look good, encourage them. You never know what someone is going through, You never know what’s going on in their head or at home. I am someone who always wants to make sure everyone is okay and I hate to see people upset, so if I can say something little to make someones day just a little better, I will.


The more you humble yourself, the more you will be lifted up

This one is just something everyone should know. This is something I have seen and it’s actually true. Like I know sometimes I am not the humblest person but towards the end of the year I realized that If you aren’t a servant to others, you will never be seen higher, or to simplify that, you will never be given respect. I have seen my dad especially serve others whole heartedly and people have no problem honouring him when it’s his birthday because he has spent so much time serving others and that’s one of the biggest goals for me this year and one of the biggest pieces of advice I wanted to share with you guys.

If your identity isn’t fully found in God, you will never be satisfied

This one is just something I’ve learnt over the years since if you didn’t know already, I’m a christian, and I used to struggle with where I found my identity. I used to find my identity in how much money I had, who my friends were, what I was wearing and all that added up to nothing. All these things left me feeling lonely, and tired and obviously just broken. I realized that If my identity isn’t found in God, the one who calls me his own, the one who made me and knows me in and out, I will never be satisfied with the world and who I aspire to be.

Taking risks won’t cost you anything

Now this brings me to my very last point and this one is just to TAKE RISKS. Honestly, think about it, what is there to lose? Nothing. That’s the answer. This year I took a leap and published this blog and sometimes It’s hard but It’s a risk I took and I don’t regret it . So, if you have a plan or business idea, why not start it? This may be your year :)

SO That’s the end of my lessons from 2018. I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make soon this year and I am so excited to share it wish you guys!! ( it’ll be more for the people in Vancouver )


xoxo Sj