I’m hosting an event?? Let me explain..


Why did I call it Misconception?

I decided to name this event misconception to represent the misconceptions of our culture today. There are so many Teens and young adults in the creative industry who are not heard and are not properly represented by their form of art, this is why I decided to go with the title, ‘ misconception’.

What is the purpose for this event?

The purpose of the event is to unite different creatives who are currently in high school or graduated. This includes bloggers, artists, dancers, designers, poets, digital artists, photographers, models, songwriters etc. The sole purpose of the event is to connect all these Vancouver creatives who might not have a platform or a place to speak about their passions. I want to make sure that their voices are heard. I would also like to make this event to give opportunities to some creatives who want to share their story to other starting up creatives just to encourage the rest.

What will the event consist of?

The event will mainly be focused on the different pathways each of these creative people took to get where they are and the different struggles and obstacles that were in their way. Half of the event is also mainly focused on networking, also known as the” rooftop party”. This Part of the event will be the part where all the guests can get together to meet new people, and make connections. I think that this is really important because you don’t know whose talent will be beneficial to you in the future and having personal connections in Life is honestly just KEY. I will also be talking more about my story and what I went through before I became who I am today. Hope to see you all there!!!

Featured Speakers

  1. Legacy Jynn


2. Megan Bravo


3. Jayde B Tecson


4. Dani your Darling

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6. Zuleyma Prado

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FullSizeRender-3 3.jpeg

7. Aruè

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8. Julima

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xoxo SJ and SEE YOU THERE :)