Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Just in case you are in another country, it’s thanksgiving out here in Canada! There are a lot of things and people I am thankful for in my life, so being me, I decided to write a little letter to each of the different categories of people in my life that have brought me here and made me the person I am today. If you read my old blog you probably remember my post like this from last year and that also means you are a real one and I love you. Let’s get started..

Dear God,

There are a lot of things I am thankful for but you are the most important. You created me, my world, my surroundings, put me in a loving home with a good family, blessed me with all my friends and you do so much more. Even though life gets hard and I start to blame you and wonder why you do different things in my life, I have learnt to trust you. I have learnt to put my trust in you because I know that everything happens for a reason. Thank you for your everlasting love that overwhelms me everyday. Im very grateful


Dear Family,

We may have our ups and downs, since there are 7 of us, but I love you all so much. You guys are my rock and my foundation. I know you guys will never leave me no matter how hard I may make you upset. You also encourage me to reach for dreams and to be the best version of me I can be and for that I’m very grateful.

Dear Friends,

The people I basically see everyday. The people who make me laugh until I cry. You guys have seen me on my best days and you have seen me on some of my worst days. Without you I don’t know where I would be today. You guys are the most solid group of people I know and the most beautiful people inside and out as well. I am forever grateful for you guys.


To all those who failed me,

You guys hurt me. Probably made me stay up nights crying about different situations. I don’t hold anything against you guys. There aren’t a lot of you. I just wanted you to know that without you hurting me I wouldn’t be the strong, confident woman I am today. I wouldn’t have this blog because I would be stuck in my insecure ways. I am grateful you gave me the opportunity to stand up and be myself. Thank you.


To all of you who read my blog,

You guys don’t understand how much you mean to me. This blog is my baby, my true love. It’s something I could never have done when I was little. When life was hard, I wish i had a place to come to and talk about what I love and share what I cared about. To all you readers out there, whether you are 50 people or even a 1,000 , I hope you read this and are encouraged to live your life and carry out your dreams, whether that means starting a youtube channel, striving for your athletic goas, getting into that top school, I hope I encourage you to be confident in who you are and to genuinely be yourself. I’m really not anyone special, but if I can inspire at least one person my life goal is complete. I love you all and I’m forever grateful for you.