Hey guys!!



Before I get into the post I just wanted to say I really like blogging on this platform. I really don't know why. I just feel so excited to come on and blog. It used to feel like something I had to do but now I'm taking it at my own pace and I'm really starting to enjoy it. 



This week was probably one of the hardest weeks I've gone through already this year. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life and who I am and the person I was becoming. I realized I was neglecting the real me and settling for the parts of me that other people are supposed to like. TRUST ME it wasn't really that big of a deal I felt that way for about 2 days and got back into my devotions and I feel WAY BETTER. Now to the outfits.



As you can see I really love my mom jeans so I paired those with a t-shirt dress that I actually tied up into a shirt. I finished off the look with my favourite grey cardigan and a purse I recently bought from Aldo :))



Hope you guys enjoyed this post!!

xoxo SJ