Why I started a Youtube Channel...

YUP, I finally did it…

So before anyone says anything.. trust me I’ve heard it all. People have been telling me all my life to start a YouTube channel and I would always say no. I would literally swear on my life that I would never be “ THAT” girl. People assume that just because I have my phone up to my face or my laptop on video mode every chance I got, meant that being a YouTuber was for me, but were they wrong?? I have come to realize that documenting the things I do and the way I feel has just been something I have grown up with, but the way I have projected these things have varied over the years. This post is going to tell you guys all about Why I finally started my channel and what this means for the future. Let’s hop right in..

Okay so youtube… I always thought there was a type of person that could be a YouTuber or would be successful at it. It was always the girls that looked like Bethany mota, Sierra Furtado, Mylifeaseva and many more others, were the types of girls that I thought belonged on youtube.. not me. It wasn’t like I was scared or anything it was more of an “ I don’t think I’ll belong” type of feeling. I’m not saying I still don’t feel that way but recently there have been a lot of people pushing me to do more than just a blog and that has had me thinking and even praying about it for such a long time.

Another thing that I felt pushing me towards youtube was my love for editing. Editing a video is so much fun. Trust me, I could do it for hours and not notice how much time has past. The one thing that scared me about that was the fact that it might start to feel like a chore if I made a channel and that was something I didn’t want to happen.

Before starting my channel, I really wanted to establish mentally that I was going into youtube for all the right reasons. Some people go into youtube because there is so much money you can make from there, and some go in because it’s fun and why not? I’m in the “its fun” mentality because what’s the point about stressing yourself about making money when it’s really only a handful of people that become popular. Don’t get me wrong making money is cool, but sharing life experiences and having fun is also something I want to cherish and hopefully share with the world.

I plan to make mukbangs, lookbooks, storytimes, hauls, challenges, and MANY MORE different and creative types of videos. This doesn’t mean I am going to completely give up on this blog, but as my passions shift I will probably come here to tell you guys more about my feelings and deeper posts like that.

Thank you to everyone who has been following me since I started this blog, I really am extremely grateful and I hope you come along with me as I venture out into a different media world.







Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
— John 14:27

Hey guys so as you can tell by the title this post is gonna be a little bit of a more “stella talking about her feelings” kind of post a long with an outfit of course.

Sidenote: I recently took a survey and asked a bunch of you guys how you feel about blogs and blogging and most of you agreed that it’s super hard to stay focused when reading a blog so I am going to try my best to give you guys content that keeps you interested and hopefully more picture diaries!! Xoxo


When I think of peace I think of my mind being stable. I think of rest. I think of a stop to an overflow of thoughts that come and consume your mind throughout the night. I think of the peak of genuine happiness. I think about a clear future. I think about anxious thoughts behind kicked to the side before they can reach the surface of my mind.


You might be confused why I’m suddenly and randomly talking about this topic, peace, so let me explain why real quick. I feel like in this generation we feel like we can handle everything on our own and we tend to take in so many problems and carry them all on our own backs. An example is carrying around family drama, financial problems, stuff with school, issues with friends, plus even more personal things we all go through inside. I don’t know about you but when some of these things start to pile up in my life all I know is I feel anything but peace… so how can we find it?

In John 14:27 it says “ Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” When I come across verses like these, my heart honestly just feels at ease. It’s honestly like a breath of fresh air. It’s like wow, there are so many things the world might throw at me to try and make me feel better about the things going on in my life but none of them can give me the sound mind that I find when I trust God. I just felt like encouraging anyone out there that struggles with burdens or anything thing troubling their heart. I hope you don’t look anywhere else but God to make you feel at peace :)



I hope y’all liked this post! Don’t forget to leave a comment, follow my insta, and send me a DM if you have questions about anything!

Xoxo Sj


A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel
— Proverbs 1:5


I hope everyone reading this is living their perfect summer and is honestly enjoying life right now, I know I am. This post has been something I’ve wanted to do for the past few months and I have finally gotten around to complete it. I’m so humbled and grateful for this opportunity to contact Nana and get to know her on a deeper level.

Before we get into the interview, let’s get to know Nana a little bit. I came across Nana’s Instagram about a year ago and was in absolute awe of who she is. She is someone who stands for women of colour like I’ve never seen before. She is the CEO and Founder of EveryStylishGirl- a creative platform for women of colour to show off their style and most importantly, to empower them. Nana also currently works as a journalist/social media editor for New York magazine and The Cut. Nana is definitely someone I immediately took to my heart as a mentor, and someone I look up to and I really hope anyone reading her responses is encouraged by her experiences!!

Let’s get into the questions…


Who were your biggest inspirations growing up?

Oprah. She taught me to be fearless and to love the skin I’m in. I was insecure, like many other young dark skinned girls, about not being light enough to get certain opportunities in media when I was in high school. But by watching Oprah I felt empowered and inspired to keep on pushing as a journalist. 

What does it mean to you to be a black woman in the creative/fashion industry?

It means you have to be resilient. Never take no for an answer and always fact check yourself. People are waiting and hoping you mess up so you don’t want to give them the opportunity to think they were right. 

How did you get into Fashion?

I grew up plastering fashion magazines on my bedroom walls in middle school, but always felt defeated by the lack of diversity on those pages. I knew I had to create change and from there I set my intentions on breaking barriers in the fashion industry.


Growing up, how did you know this was the path you wanted to take?

I constantly was complimented and ridiculed for my style. I knew I could wear something and have people wearing the same trend the next week. I knew I was set to be a trendsetter.

What is the history behind EveryStylishGirl?

I created ESG based on my frustration with the lack of diversity in fashion and media two years ago. I wanted to create a space that uplifted Black women, tells them yes, you can be that CEO, model, photographer  that you’ve always dreamed of. 


Where do you envision yourself in the 10 years?

Expanding ESG into a global community of girl bosses, creating video courses on brand strategy and social media growth, and continuing to be a voice for the voiceless

Have you ever dealt with negative criticism? How did you deal with it and move forward?

Yes, I just tell myself that if you ain’t got haters then that means you ain’t doing something great. People will always hate on the visionaries of the world.


How do you stay motivated?

By reading self help books, listening to podcasts on business and entrepreneurship, and engaging myself with things that make me feel powerful. 

Looking back at your younger self, what is one thing you wish you knew?

I wish I knew the importance of being overly prepared. 

What is the greatest advice you have ever received and what is your advice to new and upcoming creatives or entrepreneurs out there?

Create a 10 year timeline for yourself. Create the life you want to live for yourself NOW. Start with 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years and then 10 years. It really helps to plan out everything you want to accomplish so you are always reminding yourself what you’re working toward.

My advice to new creatives and entrepreneurs is just do it. Start the business. Create the website. Make a timeline. The sooner you start the sooner you can find out if it’ll be a success. 



WOW. I hope you guys felt encouraged or even a little bit inspired by her experiences and the things that helped her get to where she is today. It is important for our generation to look at the people above us, see what they are doing, and aspire to learn from them.

Well that’s all for this week! I hope you all liked this post. Don’t forget to leave a comment, check out my Instagram and send me a message if you have questions about anything.

xoxo Sj


17. Half Of 34. A quarter to 68.

If I could double my life right now, I’d most definitely be working a full time job, with 3 little kids by my side, hopefully living and married to someone I love and still inspiring others as the years fly past. If you know me, my birthday is a big deal to me. It is a whole additional year that I have been blessed with. Birthdays are a time to think about all the years you have lived and have gotten the chance to experience, and to be grateful that you have another opportunity to grow and learn. Not everyone makes it to 17, that’s a fact, so if you make it why not appreciate it, yunno?

Being 16 has taught me a lot. I have gotten over things I never ever thought I’d be able to get over and done things I never thought I would be able to do. All together I have made a list of 16 things being 16 has taught me. Each of these statements speak for themselves so I am not going to go into big details on each of them, but I hope you all learn something!!


Life is not a race, everyone goes at their own pace. It’s not about who is accomplishing more than you right now, everyone has their time and it’s important we wait to see when that time for us will be.


We don’t have enough time to dream and not take action

Having a relationship with your parents Is so important!

Having a big group of friends is nothing compared to having 2 or 3 people you trust with your life

There will always someone who doesn’t like you and that’s okay

Don’t be vulnerable with everyone

Trust God over anything

Even though It may not seem like it, your mother really does know what is best for you and only wants to see you succeed

Don’t let your insecurities get in the way of ruining a relationship with a good person


When fear tries to stop you from taking a leap of faith, don’t let it

Think before you speak, words hurt more than anything physical

Don’t compare yourself to others

Always trust God’s timing

All things work together for our good

Hope you guys learnt something!!

xoxo Sj

Be Grateful, Be Humble II 12

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
— Marcel Proust

Be grateful, Be humble. This is one of the most important things I have learned through my 16 ( almost 17 ) years of life. It is so important to be grateful for the things we take for granted in life. This may be the school we attend, our talents, our parents, friends, finances, country and so so much more. I think it’s so important to take a few minutes out of our busy lives to really appreciate life and everything it throws at us, whether it be good or bad. Don’t forget to stay humble as well. Humble people go far in life whether you want to agree with me or not. That’s my mind for y’all today! Now let’s get into this CUTE outfit :)


From my childhood I have always been the biggest girly girl, so dresses are kinda my thing. I wear dresses every Sunday but during weekdays I have always felt out of place wearing one. Going back to my girly girl routes and after seeing inspiration all over instagram, I decided to create this look . I decided to wear a turtle neck I recently thrifted with a denim dress I stole from my little sisters closet ( sorry Danielle ). To make the look a bit more casual I decided to throw on some bright white sneakers , white sunnies and called it a look.





Turtleneck shirt: Thrifted

Dress: Forever 21

Socks: Nike

Shoes: Airforce 1s

Sunglasses: Forever 21


Hope You guys enjoyed this Post!!

xoxo Sj



SO guess who’s back?? I took a break from blogging just because I was really focused on getting this event to work and boy was it hard to turn my dream to a reality but i’d say it went well! Before I get into all the feelings and thoughts that ran through my mind while I was planning and running this event, I really want to thank everyone again for supporting me through this whole thing. This event has taught me A LOT, it taught me who a lot of my real friends were, and showed me the right people who pushed me towards my dreams even when it sounded so small in the beginning. This blog post will consist of three parts, how I felt before, how I felt during the event and finally how I felt after. Let’s get into it…



I was so driven to plan this event. I was talking about it almost everyday, researching all the venues and speakers and it was like I was breathing misconception literally. Planning it wasn’t easy, let me tell you.. I had multiple breakdowns at school when I would find out a speaker wanted to drop out, or a dance crew had other plans, but I had peace. The two things that got me through planning was an overload of peace and passion. If I wasn’t passionate about the event I was putting on and the reason I wanted to plan it in the first place, it definitely wouldn’t have happened. I probably would’ve quit sometime back in December and left it as an idea that blossomed in my mind. A month before the event happened, I got an overwhelming sense of fear that it wouldn’t pull through that I almost had the whole thing cancelled but with the encouragement of my Dad and my friends I kept on going.

Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 5.28.54 PM.png


During the event, I don’t think I could’ve ever been happier. I had a lot of nerves the day of the event because all eyes were on me and I had a lot of wow Stella i’m so proud of you moments and I didn’t want it to sink in my head that I was really doing what I was doing in that moment. I really enjoyed seeing my family and best-friends come out to support me and the day was honestly better than I ever imagined. I had a mentality not to keep my hopes up incase it all failed, but on the day of misconception, everything went off the charts. It was like I was in my own world the whole time and I loved every second of it.



After the event was over and I finally said the words, “ thank you so much for coming and that’s it!” It was like a flow of adrenaline flew out through my body and a sense of peace just came down on me. I thought to myself, YOU DID THAT, YOU HAD A DREAM AND YOU DID IT AND IT WORKED. It was the best feeling ever like I don’t think there are words to describe how I honestly felt in that moment. I thought it honestly be selfish to feel that way but I had to realize its okay to be proud of myself for something I have accomplished and that doesn’t mean i’m not “humble”.


Moving forward I just wan’t to make sure my work doesn’t stop here, the planning for Misconception 2020 is already in the works and hopefully my social media platform will be up soon!!

Love you guys so much.

xoxo Sj


If you haven’t had this, I genuinely don’t think you’re living..

yes so there is not much to say about this post other than the fact that its my absolute favourite thing to eat ever plus, its very easy to make so enjoy!!


What you need

2 pieces of Toast / a Bagel

1 Banana

Some peanut butter


Additional: Hot chocolate/Coffee/Tea/Smoothie


xoxo Sj


Yes. I know I’m SUPER late on this trend…..


WOW. This trend is honestly one that I have had my eye on for the past few weeks. Even though I am not someone who has been into patterns, and what not, I am super into this trend. I love how this trend brings out a sense of confidence and boldness without intent. I am not an expert on trends, but I love to keep an eye out for them. This will be a regular post on my blog and I am not intending to spend a lot of time talking about the trend but I would love to keep you guys posted by showing you through the pictures and outfits I find all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 1.27.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 1.13.02 PM.png

Don’t forget to buy your misconception tickets!!

xoxo SJ


whew what a day yesterday was…


On days like yesterday I like to ask myself. What does love really mean? Is it really physical touch and gifts? Is it just the thought of having someone to keep us from reverting to our lonely selves? is it really just the deep affection we feel for someone who’s been with us for a certain period of time? I always think back to this verse for comfort and true understanding of what love really is…

4 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud 5 or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. 7 Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. ( 1 corinthians 13:4-7)


Whether you are christian or not, this is the foundation of love. To me, Love is sacrifice. it’s putting someones happiness before your own without damaging yourself. If you are in a relationship with someone and you find your self impatient, rude, jealous, proud, keeping records of wrong, is it really true love? Love has its ups and downs, but if we aren’t focusing and basing our love on these principles, is it love at all? There are so many relationships that are built solely on lust and desires that shouldn’t be the base of any relationship, but our generation seems to be obsessed with the fact that it’s okay. It breaks my heart to see more and more marriages failing and it looks like it is getting to the point where marriage might not be the goal after all, when it should be the primary focus. Love isn’t something that is easy to describe, in my experience it’s not easy at all. At a young age it’s hard to describe what Love is or to even comprehend the complexity of it, but all I know is that It’s something we all can’t live with out. The anticipation of loving someone for the rest of your life, or even learning to love the people right down your street, is definitely not as easy task, but it is not hard to take a step in the right direction.


Outfit details

Long-sleeved black shirt: Aritzia

Jeans: Garage

Fur coat: Garage

That’s my mind on Love right now, I’m only 16 so hey what do I really know? Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I see y’all in my next post :))



I’m hosting an event?? Let me explain..


Why did I call it Misconception?

I decided to name this event misconception to represent the misconceptions of our culture today. There are so many Teens and young adults in the creative industry who are not heard and are not properly represented by their form of art, this is why I decided to go with the title, ‘ misconception’.

What is the purpose for this event?

The purpose of the event is to unite different creatives who are currently in high school or graduated. This includes bloggers, artists, dancers, designers, poets, digital artists, photographers, models, songwriters etc. The sole purpose of the event is to connect all these Vancouver creatives who might not have a platform or a place to speak about their passions. I want to make sure that their voices are heard. I would also like to make this event to give opportunities to some creatives who want to share their story to other starting up creatives just to encourage the rest.

What will the event consist of?

The event will mainly be focused on the different pathways each of these creative people took to get where they are and the different struggles and obstacles that were in their way. Half of the event is also mainly focused on networking, also known as the” rooftop party”. This Part of the event will be the part where all the guests can get together to meet new people, and make connections. I think that this is really important because you don’t know whose talent will be beneficial to you in the future and having personal connections in Life is honestly just KEY. I will also be talking more about my story and what I went through before I became who I am today. Hope to see you all there!!!

Featured Speakers

  1. Legacy Jynn


2. Megan Bravo


3. Jayde B Tecson


4. Dani your Darling

FullSizeRender-4 2.jpeg
FullSizeRender-2 2.jpeg
FullSizeRender-3 2.jpeg
FullSizeRender 2.jpeg



6. Zuleyma Prado

FullSizeRender-4 3.jpeg
FullSizeRender-3 3.jpeg

7. Aruè

FullSizeRender 3.jpeg
FullSizeRender-1 2.jpeg

8. Julima

FullSizeRender-2 3.jpeg

xoxo SJ and SEE YOU THERE :)


As you all know I love finding new and upcoming creatives and reading all about what they do and who they are. I was recently reading Teen Vogues 2018’s 21 under 21 and saw this upcoming designer making clothing for women of colour based out of the 16th century spanish renaissance era. I don’t know about you but I could not stop raving about how creative that was. She realized there was not enough representation of women of colour in the painting of royals and decided to take that and bring it into modern day fashion!

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.27.15 PM.png

Temi Adeola, also known as Tia, is a rising designer who was initially based in Lagos, Nigeria. In an Interview I recently watched about her NYFW debut with Nylon magazine, Tia explained how moving to New York truly inspired her to become more bold with her outfits and to take them to the next level. She wants to be able to create a look that would immediately allow girls to feel extra BOLD and CONFIDENT. Tia also added the sheer look to celebrate the female body, and the ruffles ( her signature look), to embellish the feminine look.

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.25.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.23.22 PM.png

Some looks from her SS18 collection..

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.27.36 PM.png

Celebrities like SZA, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid have also fallen in love with her collection and continue to support her…

Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 2.23.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.37.46 PM.png

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post.

Xoxo SJ


Here I am again with an abundance of thoughts and lo and behold, I’m surprisingly typing them all out to this little outlet I call my safe haven. I call this platform my safe haven because I truly can jump onto my computer and write out my feelings like I never have dreamed of saying out loud to someone sitting right next to me. To all those who know me may read that and think It’s a complete lie, but trust me. This Blog is made for me to be Me, and If i’m not myself here, where else would I be. In society where my parents are expecting me to be one thing, and friends are expecting me to be another, without something to myself ( and JESUS), my life would be in absolute shambles as of now.


I keep on pondering the different routes I want to take this blog. Do I want to keep it extremely professional and just post about fashion related topics, or do i want to branch out and create different sections so that my voice is heard in the various ways I decide it should be heard. Judging by the fact that I am a 16 year old confused child, I’ll probably go with my inner gut when the time is right. For now be prepared to hear everything because this is my brain, this is my safe haven. If I can come here and feel safe, that’s all that matters to me. When life is throwing rocks at me to crumble into a being I refuse to be, I will find my confidence back here and I promise you guys that.


I know I Know I talk and apologize about being inconsistent here, but do you guys wanna know the truth? I honestly get an overflow of ideas to the point where I am stuck. I see so many influencers on instagram on a daily basis that sometimes It’s hard to hear my true calling from God and my true purpose. Some things are clear, but others get pushed to the back of my mind like dust in a filled closet. With all that said, I am promising you guys more content this year, and if I don’t? maybe this is the year I will truly be set on the path of what I want to do and who knows where that will take me. For now, my goal is to stay true to who I am, and press in to the person God has called me to be. I love you all.

xoxo Sj


If you know me you know how much I love Alani, AKA @wuzg00d on instagram. Her style, the way she incorporates colour and the use of accessories, really stands out to me. Since I am slowly learning how to use the colour theory and experiment with different colours, she is a great fashion Icon to look up to, and this is why she is my inspiration for this month. You guys should check out her Instagram.

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.08.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.09.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.08.24 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.08.57 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.09.15 AM.png


Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.10.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.11.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.11.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.12.00 AM.png

xoxo Sj



This is a bit of a different post because this year I really want to emphasize versatility and creative content on this blog. Hope you guys are having a great start to your year and are still keeping up with your goals, cos I’ve already seen some people vow to change in 2020 already. 2018 was the year I tested out the waters in the blogging and creative industry and I truly do feel that If I add as much hard work and commitment to this passion of mine, this blog will continue to grow and be successful.


So, For this post I am going to be showing you guys the sneakers I feel were in this year ( 2018 ), and have been extremely popular. PLUS, I really want all of these hehe. I am not a HUGE sneaker head, but as my style evolves more into the streetwear side of fashion It’s something I have started to look into and love. There is not much to explain about these shoes so I will include the instagram handle of each shoe in each pic so you guys can check them out :)


Hope y’all liked this post and found inspiration to go out and get some cuteee sneakers, okay love y’all

xoxo SJ


It’s finally the end of the year, was it just me or was the first half of the year really slow, and suddenly flew past near the end? Maybe it’s just me.


SO Yes. I’m back, I need to stop starting every post by apologizing for not being active ( sorry tho! ). As you can see from the title, I am sharing the 8 things I truly learnt in 2018. I wouldn’t call this year a bad year because this year was definitely a year of life changing experiences and situations that broke me but also helped me grow into a stronger individual.

Before I get into the 10 things I learnt, I hope you guys take today to reflect on the year and think about what you can do better for next year, as cliche as it sounds. It’s so easy to say, “ I’m gonna cut out all the fakes”, and all these goals that aren’t necessarily going to happen overnight. Instead we should make goals that we can actually start now. We should make goals that we know are things we and work towards and improve ourselves with.

Okay i’m done. Let’s hop right in.

Don’t Be Materialistic

Okay so I learnt about this a lot this year when I went on a missions trip to Mexico. I was given the opportunity to go out and help kids and help them grow in their faith. By building a house for a family along with my team, and donating food and other supplies to them, we flew in with the idea that they will be the most impacted, but that wasn’t the case. I left that trip realizing how much we depend on money, and accumulating clothes, etc, to try and make us happy. I saw the little kids in Mexico who were beaming with joy because they had each other, they had their friends, and they didn’t need anything else and that was one of the biggest lessons I learnt this year. There's no point accumulating everything in the world, if in the end we aren’t happy.

Don’t depend on others for your own happiness

Okay this one is pretty simple. Sis. Bro. whoever is reading this. I cannot stress enough how important it is not to depend on others to make you happy. People WILL fail you. That’s honestly just how life goes. I have learnt to be happy and content with myself, because I have seen that people will leave and I’m not just going to let my happiness leave with them so, it’s important to be content with ourselves and who we are.


Someone will always not like you for no reason

This one I realized the hard way and it’s just a fact. SOMEONE WON’T LIKE YOU. Someone will always want what you have. They may envy you, want your intelligence, friends, they probably don’t even want to see you succeed, but going into 2019 I realized that it’s not worth stressing over these people. As long as your mind is on the right path and you are focused on your goals, You will be all good :)

When you are working on big things, work in secret

I learnt this after watching a sermon by one of my favourite pastors, Michael Tod, and he talked about how when you are called to success, you will be called in secret. You don’t have to share it to the whole world right away because remember, NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE YOU SUCCEED. I am someone who loves to share my plans and successes with everyone but this year I am taking a step back and working in silence and with a trusted group of people.

A word of encouragement to anyone goes a long way

This was for sure something big I learnt this year. When you see someone, say hi, tell them they look good, encourage them. You never know what someone is going through, You never know what’s going on in their head or at home. I am someone who always wants to make sure everyone is okay and I hate to see people upset, so if I can say something little to make someones day just a little better, I will.


The more you humble yourself, the more you will be lifted up

This one is just something everyone should know. This is something I have seen and it’s actually true. Like I know sometimes I am not the humblest person but towards the end of the year I realized that If you aren’t a servant to others, you will never be seen higher, or to simplify that, you will never be given respect. I have seen my dad especially serve others whole heartedly and people have no problem honouring him when it’s his birthday because he has spent so much time serving others and that’s one of the biggest goals for me this year and one of the biggest pieces of advice I wanted to share with you guys.

If your identity isn’t fully found in God, you will never be satisfied

This one is just something I’ve learnt over the years since if you didn’t know already, I’m a christian, and I used to struggle with where I found my identity. I used to find my identity in how much money I had, who my friends were, what I was wearing and all that added up to nothing. All these things left me feeling lonely, and tired and obviously just broken. I realized that If my identity isn’t found in God, the one who calls me his own, the one who made me and knows me in and out, I will never be satisfied with the world and who I aspire to be.

Taking risks won’t cost you anything

Now this brings me to my very last point and this one is just to TAKE RISKS. Honestly, think about it, what is there to lose? Nothing. That’s the answer. This year I took a leap and published this blog and sometimes It’s hard but It’s a risk I took and I don’t regret it . So, if you have a plan or business idea, why not start it? This may be your year :)

SO That’s the end of my lessons from 2018. I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make soon this year and I am so excited to share it wish you guys!! ( it’ll be more for the people in Vancouver )


xoxo Sj



It’s another Fashion post! You guys really like it when I post these, so I came through.


So, I’d like to thank Misguided for sponsoring us. No i’m kidding I wish LOL, but as you can see my friend Samantha and I are both styling the cargo pants we both bought from Misguided USA. The quality of these pants in my opinion were the perfect fit. They are really high waisted which is something I was really hoping they’d be, and I was excited to see that they came through with what I expected. Since this was the first time I had personally bought anything online, I would definitely rate misguided a 9/10 and would love to shop there again.

My only disclaimer about buying clothes from misguided is that since they are an American store there will be an extra tax that will be sent a few days after you checkout your items, just so you are aware.








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** All photos were taken by my Amazing friend Angelie Sutch


This is me stepping up my game and posting more outfits, you’re welcome.


As you all know, I am 16 and a junior in high school, This means my future is coming up fast. Sometimes I feel like I have it all together and I know what I want to do for sure, but recently that’s all changed. I have always been so scared of going for my dreams of working solely in the fashion industry even if it’s not what my parents are others want for me. It’s kinda scary, following your dreams. I think thoughts like what if i don’t succeed? what if my parents were right? should I have become a doctor all along?

I was having a little chat with my dad and I asked him a really good question. I asked if he wakes up happy to work everyday. He told me how much he loves what he does and advised me that it’s my life and I should do what I know will make me happy in the future. I was always scared of asking my dad, I really don’t know why. Maybe it was the feeling of thinking he would be disappointed in me, but look how that turned out!


My advice to anyone who feels the needs to go against their passion to impress others is stop. Its your life! You should be able to follow your dreams, BE A RISK TAKER, live out your passion and most importantly to be happy. I know it sounds super cliche but TRUST ME, you will be happy in the end. I am not saying I suddenly have my whole life figured out but, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.


Hope you guys enjoyed todays post! Let me know if you don’t like it or love it more when I include stuff in my personal life in my posts, I honestly just feel the need to encourage people out there and help them if they are going through any hard times. If you guys ever need anyone to talk to remember I am always there :))))



IMG_0660 4.JPG

Technically I look super cold and not gonna lie it was 3 degrees outside, but I got to shoot pics for y’all so we’re all good! I am honestly IN LOVE with the layered gold chain necklace trend right now. Not only is it a big fashion trend, it’s representing hip hop and rap culture which I respect and love as well.


I recently went thrifting with my dad and that is where I found this Amazing utility vest. I wasn’t sure how to go about styling this to start out, but after trying it out with a few different outfits, I realized I love the pop of colour it gives with a monochromatic base.





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11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

There is a lot about timing about life that we don’t understand. Why do good people die? Why are the people we love taken away from us? Why can’t the way we want our lives to look like work out? Over these past couple of weeks I have battled with understanding perfect timing since a lot of situations in my life started to go off-side.

I started to question God and my faith in him, as to why things in my life that seemed so perfect, went wrong. I didn’t understand why everyone would tell me.. ”It’s okay Stella, it’s God’s plan”. Why would a God who loves us make us sad. I struggled with this for a couple of days. After talking to a lot of my friends and older mentors, I realized it was all part of a perfect plan.

I wanted to make this post to encourage everyone because I feel like we all go through hardships in life and we start to question our existence and why things go wrong. I have come to understand that things happen for a reason. You might go through family, financial, social and many other issues, but it always happens for a reason. It makes us stronger. God wouldn’t give you anything he knows you can’t handle. It might happen to strengthen your relationship with others or even with your relationship with God himself.

When things go wrong, we shouldn’t overly stress ourselves about them. We should’t spend days crying about them. We should try and focus on the brighter side no matter how hard it may be. One day, you will look back and see these situations as things that happened to make you a better and stronger person.


New york necklace: Aldo

Flower necklace: Forever 21

Rings: Forever 21

xoxo Sj


These are the kind of videos I used to love to watch on youtube because honestly, your girl needed the tips. I am technically not completely broke since I have a job, but was I spending all my money on unnecessary clothes with probably my whole paycheque? Maybe. I decided to share with y’all some tips that I have found to be recently useful so you guys still look good but, yunno, on a budget.

  1. Quality over Quantity

When it comes to buying a lot of clothes versus quality clothing, I used to go for the quantity method. I thought buying a lot of cheap clothes would be better but trust me, it’s completely wrong. When you buy clothes that that are cheaper, the colours tend to fade faster and the overall quality of the clothing item goes downwards incredibly fast. I’m not saying all stores that don’t have expensive clothing immediately are going to be bad quality, but sometimes you can just tell. Some ways you can immediately tell if something is higher quality is if you can see the strong stitching, strong fabrics, metal zippers, etc. When I started buying more clothing that were higher in quality, I wanted to wear the item more and find more ways to style it as well.

2. Wear Accessories

Accessorize. This is the one that helps me the most honestly. You could wear the most BASIC outfit but add hoops, add a few layers of gold necklaces, add rings and honestly you look 100X better. It adds an expensive look. It shows that you put a bit of effort into your outfit even if you didn’t really intend to. This is probably my biggest advice because I just started wearing more accessories and I feel better and more confident in my outfits as well.


3. Go Thrifting

This is hands down my favourite tip. Thrifting is really where it’s at. When I go thrifting since I’m into men’s streetwear I am always finding the nice hoodies, sweatshirts and pants in the mens section. I love to go through and find clothes that I can cut and make my own so they aren’t the same old boring clothes I find. When you go thrifting it is so easy to find brands that are high end and vintage like tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Levi, kappa, champion, fila and many more. I highly advice people to check out thrifting!!

4. Invest in the classics

This is one of the most important tips. Having a balanced closet is more necessary before you can go out and be adventurous with your style and everything else. Some staples that everyone should have are a plain white and black shirt, long sleeved and short sleeved, a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, a sweatshirt, and many more. Once you have all these it is easier to build outfits from them. While researching I found that if you have 20 shirts, to go with 10 pairs of pants, 5 pairs of shorts and 2 skirts, can apparently make over a hundred different outfits which is honestly amazing. SO, start slow, when you are on a budget the best thing to do is make sure you have all of the classics before you go out and expand.


5. Look for Sales

My last but not least favourite tip, is look for sales. I used to be someone who just sees something I liked and honestly just bought it. When you look for sales you really do save money that you could use to invest in other pieces and build your closet slowly through that method. I use apps/extensions like shoptagr that tell me when my favourite items go on sale. ( you should all really check out the app!) It is just a better overall tip to save money, even though it may take a lot of patience and waiting for that specific item to go on sale, trust me , its really helpful.


Outfit details


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